Imperiled youth in Madagascar

I thought I would chip in and write the blog posting this week. I just got done reading this very important report from UNICEF regarding the status of children and adolescents in Madagascar in the wake of the recent unrest.

The link is here: UNICEF Report on youth in Madagascar

Hard as it is to believe, due to the paucity of media coverage, the crisis in Madagascar continues. The two sides are not talking anymore, former President Ravolomanana is still in exile in Swaziland and Madagascar has been suspended from all of the region’s most important international organizations like the African Union and the SADC.

This report by UNICEF highlights the precarious situation that the country is currently living in. Radicalization of the youth in Madagascar would be a disaster, and the report shows how quickly the country is slipping down that slope. We have seen too many other African nations fall victim to unemployment, street crime and chaos.

There are some diplomatic efforts in the works, but there is so little incentive for the people in power in Antananarivo to return to the bargaining table because they then risk losing power altogether.

It is a depressing situation, to say the least, but the country has a history of stepping back from the brink in the past. Clearly, the children of Madagascar and the future of the country depends on it doing so again.