Interview with Aina Fideline Miarinirina

My name is Aina.  I am 30 years old and the mother of two daughters.  My husband is a teacher at a private high school.  I am a housewife but at the same time I am able to have a little business thanks to the loan that Masomboly has given me.  Thus, I have a small business in front of my house selling all kinds of things like different cereals and fruit as well as vegetables.  This business helps me to earn some money because my husband does not earn a lot; therefore I am able to help with some of the expenses of our household.  I like what I am doing because it enables me to have time to take care of my family as well as to earn some money.  At this time, it is a little hard because in spite of the fact that I sell things that people need on a daily basis, my business is not doing very well because the people don’t have very much money because of the political crisis.  But I don’t just do that business; I have also invested in poultry.  I buy chickens when they are very young and I raise them for a few months and afterward I re-sell them.  This business does very well especially during the period of holidays and celebrations.  My clients are the people who live in my neighbourhood.  I don’t know what else to tell you except that I earn enough each day. I have chosen this type of business because I did not have many years of schooling.  Thus, this is the only domain in which I am competent and which allows me also to have time for my family.  When I received the loan from Masomboly, I did not change my business but I added something else – that is the raising of poultry as I already said.  With the next loan, I would like to enlarge this animal-raising business.  I would like to add pigs as well because this would bring in a lot more money. Sometimes I ask myself how I can do everything during the day with a baby and without anyone’s help.  I start my day at 4:00 a.m. by preparing the coffee and little donuts to sell, and at the same time I make the breakfast for my husband and my daughter who must leave the house at 6:30 a.m. each day.  After that, I get myself ready and then to the housework.  I get out the things to sell in front of my house and I stay there throughout the whole day.  That’s where I make lunch because I have bought all the things I will need for lunch the day before.  Each day my day is spent like that except for Sundays because on that day, I go to church in the morning and then in the afternoon I do the ironing and braid my daughter’s hair. The person who has inspired me is my mother.  She is very courageous and animated.  She was always strong in spite of the hard things that happened in her life and I admire her courage.  If I was able to change one thing in my life, it is that I would like to have studied more, but I did not have the chance.  I am not complaining, however, because my mother did so much for us. The thing that I like the best in my life is my children and my mother.  I am ready to give my life for them.  I can’t think of any quotation that inspires me.  Thus, I think the lenders now know a lot about me.  I don’t know what else to say except to thank them for all they have done for us.