Interview with Perline

My name is Perline.  I am 36 years old and I am the mother of 4 children:  three daughters and one son.  

I am a woman who does everything.  In the beginning I did not choose a particular career because I knew that if a person is not able to do everything, she will have difficulty in succeeding in life because my level of schooling is very low.  I began working as a housekeeper in a house, but soon after I married an exceptional man who taught me a lot.  At this time I have a small cook-shop but at the same time I sell agricultural equipment that my husband makes himself.  He buys the raw material and then forges the iron and makes the equipment.  

As I said, I have done many jobs and my husband just opened another business – a butcher store because the sale of agricultural equipment does well only during the rainy season.  Therefore the rest of the time I continue my cook-shop and my husband works as a butcher.  We just began this job a few weeks ago and in general it is going very well, but like all other businesses, there are weeks when business is not very good.  The best period for this job is during the holiday period because the people need to eat good things and then we can sell pork.  My cook-shop is doing well but at this time it will not bring in much money until it is the harvest season.  Our job is like any other job in that we do it with determination and hard work and we appreciate what we are doing.  It is a job that brings us enough money.  In addition, selling agricultural materials is a job that not many people do so that has its advantages.  But most importantly, I was fortunate to receive the loan from Masomboly and with it I was able to begin another business – that is the sale of meat products. 

There are many things to do each day.  We get up early in the morning, at 4:00 a.m..  My husband leaves for the slaughter house to weigh the meat, and I bathe and get dressed and then prepare the breakfast for the family.  About 6:00 a.m. my husband comes back and we eat, and after he gets out the things to sell and I clean and tidy up the house.  After all that, I get the children ready for school and when the children have all gone to school, I begin to prepare the things for my cook-shop, and my husband leaves for his butcher shop.  I spend the whole day at my cook-shop and that is where I eat lunch and dinner each day except Sunday because then we go to church.  Saturday is the day to do laundry and a big house cleaning.  

In my life I do not remember a person that inspired me, maybe because I was not raised in my own family.  I was brought up by many different people because my mother had me before she was married.  Thus, it was my grandmother who raised me, but after she died, it was my uncle who took over.  At the age of 14, I lived with a woman who took me in; in spite of all that, I did not lose faith because I knew one day my day of Happiness would come and it is since that moment that I like to go to church and pray.  In fact, the thing I like the most in the world is to pray to God because without Him I would not be as I am now.  It is for this reason that this Bible verse inspires me:  “God will look after you and you will have no reason to be afraid.” I know that the lenders already know a lot about me, so I don’t have any more to say about my life except a huge thank-you for all they have done for me.  Merci!