Monthly Interview Fort Dauphin: Julienne Rasoanandrasana

My name is Julienne Rasoanandrasana and I am 36 years old. I run a business that sells doughnuts, cakes and coffee. I am married with three sons and one daughter. Every morning, I get up at 3:00 a.m. to prepare the coffee, soup, and doughnuts for my clients. Then I buy the cakes from a friend and resell them.  My clients are my neighbors, and those who pass by, both big and little.   The passers-by are my best clients; for example, the school children, workers, and those who are going shopping. If the weather is good, my business does very well because there are lots of people coming by.  But if the weather is bad, my business does not do well at all because the people stay at home.

I have chosen this type of work to help out at the end of the month because the monthly salary of my husband is not enough for us.  Furthermore, there are also school expenses for the children.  There is definitely a positive change in my business since I became involved in the Masomboly project.   Before I did not have a place to sell my food, but now I have a little cook-shop to sell in, thanks to Masomboly.  I hope that my business will grow even more.

Every member of my family gets up early each morning.  I prepare what I am going to sell.   The child who doesn’t go to school anymore prepares the meals. Another child goes to school and the two others are independent. Each Saturday we do the laundry together and at the same time take care of our business.  On Sundays, we go to church.

I very much like the style of life of Perle Endor, the local pharmacist.  The reason is that she and her husband work together and they are also believers in God. They have big houses, cars and a pharmacy.  In addition, their children are very smart.

What I would wish for in my life is to have a house made of wood.  I would also like to have another made out of brick. What I like the most to do is to pray.  Since the time that I have been a believer, I have developed more interests and my life has changed positively.  I am not depressed anymore because Jesus Christ comforts me.

These are the proverbs that I like:

      It is money that makes the man.

      It is in the bitter that we find the sweet.

      Don’t despair – your turn will come.

I thank you very much for the loan because I have seen a positive change in my life and I hope that this project will not stop.  God bless you.

Thank you, from Julienne.