Monthly Interview Fort Dauphin: Liliane Razafimalala

My name is Liliane Razafimalala and I am 45 years old. I am single with three sons and two daughters. My business is selling bread, tea, and coffee.This is how I spend my day and prepare for my job:  In the evening, I do my first batch of bread baking.  In the morning, I make a second type of bread.  I also prepare the tea and coffee.  It costs me 10,000 ariary each day and I make a profit of 5,000 ariary per day if sales go well.  Most of my clients are my neighbors and people who live near me.  It is during the time when people have money that my sales go well, that is between the 15th and end of the month.  Other than that, my sales do not do as well.

I have three children who still go to school.  One older child is married and the other helps me around the house.  I have no rest, even on the weekend, because I continue to sell.  Every Saturday I take advantage of being able to do the laundry because the children do not go to school that day and they are able to help.  The children help with both the washing and selling.  On Sundays we go to church to pray and then we sell afterwards.

The money I earn each week helps to expand my sales.   I would like to be able to improve the place where I do my selling because my house is made of palm fronds.  I would like to become rich like my friend Dehaulme. She has lots of houses made of durable materials, much land, some cars, and extra money that she can use.  What I wish most is to leave this miserable poverty.
Here are the Malagasy proverbs that I like:
I never cease working for my well-being.
Each person has his own destiny.

The women in Fort Dauphin thank you very much for your consideration of their situation in helping us to make some profits.  May God bless you and your lives. I wish that this aid will continue forever and could be expanded because there are so many women in Fort Dauphin who cannot find work and would like to improve their lives, but do not have the funds to do so.