Situation in Madagascar

Dear OSI Supporters,

As some of you may know, Madagascar has been experiencing political and social unrest during the last week. It is not yet clear how the situation will resolve itself. Although there have been rioting, looting, and strikes during the last week, the situation is currently calmer although still uncertain. The problems are not only affecting the capital, Antananarivo, but also the other major cities as well.

There are also concerns about food shortages and gas shortages.

Since the situation is uncertain, OSI has decided to suspend non-essential activities. Paul and Alison are delaying their trip for another month. We are in daily communication with the staff in Madagascar and have instructed the staff to perform basic work activities only when they feel that the local situation is safe and secure. OSI staff were launching our latest lending program in the Fort Dauphin area when these problems began, but there have been no reported disturbances there and the program was launched without incident.

At this time we are waiting and hoping that the political and economic situation resolves itself soon. OSI is committed to showing our solidarity with the people of Madagascar and to helping provide the opportunities for them to improve their lives. Project Masomboly will continue with that mission.

Thank you,
Paul and Alison
Paul Krezanoski and Alison Comfort

Founding Directors
Opportunity Solutions International