Training in sewing

Part of OSI’s work in the field is to provide trainings on a monthly basis for the borrowers. The trainings coform-couture-6.JPGver a variety of topics, depending on the borrowers’ interests and what they would like to learn about. In August, Ambalavao’s field manager, Ravo, held a training on sewing. Ravo recently sent us an email providing us with an update on how the training went and we thought it would be interesting to share it. She writes:
“During the first meeting every month, we hold the training and the women have been in charge of deciding the theme of the training they would like. For this month, they chose sewing with a particular focus on skirts. The borrowers actually want to create an outfit for Masomboly borrowers that we can all wear for special ceremonies. They would like to be able to make the outfit themselves.
We held two separate trainings because we have so many borrowers. Usually, the training lasts about an hour and a half. This time, we just covered the theoretical portion of the training and next time we will do the practical portion of the training. The women learned how to sew a skirt, starting with learning about everything they would need to make a skirt and the different types of skirts that they could choose to make. Then they learned how to take measurements, how to create a pattern, and then how to cut the material and put finishing touches on the skirt.”