Update on Madagascar crisis

Dear OSI Supporters,
We are writing this note to update you on the recent political problems in Madagascar and how those problems are and are not affecting our operations there.
The situation in Madagascar is a dynamic one, with new developments daily. As of yesterday, the Malagasy President stepped down and relinquished power to the military, which is now naming the opposition leader as Madagascar’s interim President.
This week the US Embassy recommended the evacuation of all non-essential personnel from Madagascar. In addition, the Peace Corps is suspending its program and evacuating all Peace Corps volunteers to neighboring South Africa.
Due to these recent events we have decided to recommend the evacuation of our American employee in Madagascar. For the time being we have no way to ensure his safety and so we believe the most prudent course is to terminate his work until the political pressures have calmed.
However, this crisis will not affect our day-to-day operations providing loans to the 120 women who we are currently supporting. Our local employees report no political upheaval in the two towns in which we work (Ambalavao and Fort Dauphin), and both of those towns are hours away from the capital. Their work is planned to continue, so the women will continue with their repayments and trainings and will be eligible for new loans at the end of each lending cycle.
It is very important for us to continue our work in Madagascar, especially considering the recent events. Political upheaval of this sort will take a large economic toll on the country and on the families which we are trying to help. As a result, Masomboly loans are more important than ever.
Thank you so much for all of the support you have shown to our mission and cause. We will continue to try to raise money for the women we are supporting, as they work to make a better life for themselves and their families.
Please keep Madagascar and its people in your thoughts and please email us if you have any questions about our work there.
Thank you,
Paul and Alison
Founding Directors
Opportunity Solutions International