Creating opportunities

This morning I spoke to Ravo, the team leader of our project, to talk to her about hiring one more staff to do data entry. I already had someone in mind. Her name is Simone and, during Paul’s last trip to Madagascar, she sent a letter back to me. In it, she wrote how hard she was studying for the BAC (the exam to graduate from high school), asking me to pray for her. She ended the letter by simply asking me: “Could you do me one favor? Could you send me a postcard so that I could see the city of USA?”

Her letter made me smile, not just because of her request. I was so excited to hear of a young woman actually making it to 12th grade and having the potential to graduate, no small feat in Ambalavao. Immediately, I knew I wanted to hire her.
I was just imagining to myself when Ravo would show up in her neighborhood, asking around for

Simone and then offering her this position. I knew none of her friends would be able to finish senior year saying: “I got an offer to work for an international NGO.” I honestly cannot wait until next weekend to speak to Ravo again and hear about Simone’s reaction. Yet, maybe she will say no because she is planning on attending university. Honestly, that would make me even happier. Barely anyone in Ambalavao ever has that opportunity.