Small Businesses

Monthly Interview Fort Dauphin: Delicia Rasoambiniaina

My name is Delicia Rasoambiniaina and I am 63 years old. I am single with one son and three daughters. My business is selling cakes, sweet donuts, coffee and cigarettes along the road in town.

Each morning I get up to buy the things I am going to sell:  lemons, little cakes and doughnuts, cigarettes, sugar and coffee.  I spend 20,000 ariary each day.  Then, I earn 23,000 ariary by sundown.  Thus, my daily profit is 3,000 ariary.  My clients are all kinds of people:  children, young people adults, passers-by, workers, the people in my neighbourhood as well as people who live far away.  I have about 40 clients each day.

Here is how my family spends the day:  I get up early each morning to buy the things I will sell.  My son who is already an adult goes to work and my other little children go to school.  I take advantage of selling on the weekends, because the other sellers take a day of rest on these days.

Someone I admire is Djipi, an Indian family who lives in Fort Dauphin.  I admire their way of life because they are rich:  they have a car, a big house in concrete and a large food shop.

Each Saturday and Sunday, my sales do very well because most of the sellers do not sell on Sundays since they go to church.  It is at the beginning of the week, on Monday, that my sales do not do well, because everyone has spent their money on the weekend, celebrating when they all get together.  Thus, they aren’t hungry on Monday.

I have chosen to sell in a little shop because I know how to cook the doughnuts and little cakes that everybody needs each day.  This job of selling in my little shop is a parallel job to my principal work and thus, I am able to reap an additional benefit.

Since I have received the loan from OSI, my business has increased because I have been able to increase the things that I sell. My hope for the future is continuing to have good results from my sales and to turn my little shop into a bigger food shop or even a big hotel. Because of my present financial situation, I would like to change my life by leaving poverty and becoming rich. Being a seller is an occupation that I like the most because one can earn a lot of money and I am content when sales do well.  

Here are the Malagasy proverbs that I like:

      It is in suffering that one finds happiness.

      It is money that makes the person.

      Mutual love makes a good friend.

I would like to thank those who give me the financial aid and hope that this helps continues because life proves to be very difficult with this financial help.

I thank you very much.