• Trinkets Vendor
  • 42 Years Old
  • 4 Children
  • Divorced
  • 2 Years of Schooling

My name is Raharivelo Marie Fidelise and I am 42 years old. I am divorced with 4 children, aged 23 to 8. I only studied until the 2nd grade, but I would like to use this loan to expand my business selling knick knacks in the market. Right now I sell wood, but I would like to expand to selling other things like pens and kerosene for lamps.

Hello! It's me, Raharivelo. I have three children who are still in school. One just received his "Bac" (graduated from high school) and the two others are in middle school. What concerns me a great deal now is university because here it is very expensive and she will need a lot of things to start. We are preparing her files and all that requires a lot of money. I only have to pay for the school entry fees and school supplies for the two others and I think we will make it. After all, it is for the future of our children.

Hello! It's me, Raharivelo. My business is still going well at this time even though sales have gone down a little, but it is always like this during the planting season. For the vacation, my children are going to visit their uncle and will stay there until school starts again. Our Independence Day celebration wasn't like usual this year because we celebrated with my whole extended family. We organized a large family reunion for the first time in a long time - it was really wonderful.

Hello! It's me, Raharivelo. My business is going well so far, but I know that after Independence Day, things are going to change. But that is not too bad because I do another business alongside this one. For me, the Independence Day is a celebration like all the others. I am going to celebrate but without spending too much because this holiday is only one day and life continues after that!

Hi, it is me, Marie Fidelice. I want to send my thanks to the masomboly team for the business training we received because it helped me a lot in thinking about how to save money for my business. Now I can be smarter about what I do with the profits that I am earning through my business and I will be able to continue repaying the loan at each installment without trouble like I did the first month. Thank you!

Marie Fidelice: I am happy to receive this loan for my small wood selling business, because I will be able to buy more stocks and make more of a profit. There are not many people that sell wood, so I have an advantage. I already feel more confident about my future thanks to the confidence you have shown in me. Thank you for your generosity!