• Trinkets Vendor
  • 16 Years Old
  • 0 Children
  • Single
  • 9 Years of Schooling

My name is Ravaniaina Jacopy Patricia and I am 16 years old. I am still in school, but I would like to start a business selling small trinkets in the market after school. This will help out my family and allow me to continue with my schooling.

Hello, it's me, Jacky Patricia. I am still a student and I know that it is difficult for parents because the cost of schooling and the school supplies is a lot. We, the children, must make an effort not to let ourparents down after all that they do for us. If we work hard, we will have a better future and our parents will not have spent their money for nothing.

Hello! It's me, Rovaniaina. I am happy because my business continues to do well even though the planting period has begun. Independence Day is an important holiday but we did not have a big celebration because it is important to think of the days after the holiday. To celebrate, we went to the stadium all morning to watch the parade and hear the speeches of the town officials. We ate chicken for lunch and then in the afternoon, the children attended the festivities that the town had organized.

Hello! It's me, Rovaniaina. Business is still going well up until this time but after Independence Day things are going to change because the people begin to work on the next agricultural season. For me, this national holiday is a big celebration because it is a celebration for all the Malagasy people and it deserves to be celebrated, but without spending too much. It is necessary always to think of the time after the holiday and the reimbursement.

Hi, it is Jacky Patricia. I am so happy that I have been able to repay the loan installment on time the first month without too much trouble. I hope that I will continue to have the same success and be able to repay future loans as well. Thank you for all of your support, my business is growing!

Patricia here. I am happy to receive this loan because now I have been able to start a small business all of my own. The business is going well and I am gaining profits and now I am able to support my needs and the costs of attending school. I don't have to bother my parents for the money any longer. Thank you for your support and confidence!