• Tobacco Vendor
  • 29 Years Old
  • 0 Children
  • Divorced
  • 6 Years of Schooling

My name is Razaiarisoa Clotilde, I am 29 years; I do not have children. I live in Ambohijafy since 29 years, I am divorced. I have done studies till class six; I work in a tobacco company, and I would like to use this loan to collect tobacco. My dream is to succeed in life and have a beautiful family.

Hello! It's me, Razaiarisoa. I don't have children yet who go to school but I know the worries other parents have when school starts because it is a time when one spends a lot of money. But they always do it because it is for the future of their children.

Hello! It's me, Razaiarisoa. My business continues to go well. For me, Independence Day is our biggest celebration, but we only had a small celebration because we don't want to spend too much money in just one day. As for me, I don't have children but I think that during the vacation the children spend their time playing.

Hello! It's me, Razaiarisoa. My business continues to go well. For me, Independence Day is the biggest celebration because all the villagers have finished the harvest and they have money. Everybody only thinks about celebrating without worrying about how much they are spending. But us, we have made a profit and we will celebrate like we celebrate every other holiday, without spending too much.

Hello from Clotilde. I am happy that I was able to reimburse the first installment of the loan on time and I have extra money left over. My business is going well and I should not have trouble with the other reeimbursements either. I am also thankful for the training which has helped me be even better with my finances. Thank you!

Hello, it is Clotilde here. I am happy to receive a loan because it will help me grow my business. I will be able to gain more profit than before and achieve my dreams for my family. All of this is thanks to your help and confidence in me. Thank you for your generosity!