• Honey Vendor
  • 35 Years Old
  • 1 Child
  • Single
  • 5 Years of Schooling

My name is Nasolo Vololona. I am 35 years old. I have a son who is 9. I have been living at Ambohijafy since birth. I am single. I studied until year 7 and presently I am an empty bottle vendor and a honey seller. I would like to use this loan to invest more in the honey business. My dream is to have a better life and that my son could continue his studies.

Hello! It's me, Nasolo. I have only one child who goes to school but I don't think the expenses will be a problem because I have prepared for this a few months ago. I know that the cost of schooling has increased a lot this year and that the cost of supplies has gotten even more expensive as well, despite the effort the government has made. But the parents must buy these things. There are some supplies that the government provides, but not everything and the government does not help with the private school costs and supplies.

Hello! It's me, Nasolo. My business continues to go well even though sales go down during the vacation period and planting season. My children spend their vacation here, playing and helping me with household chores. For Independence Day, I celebrated with my brother and sister because this is the only holiday when we all can get together.

Hello! It's me, Nasolo. My business continues to go well and with the profits I have earned, I am going to celebrate our Independence Day better than in other years. It is the biggest celebration in our country. I think it is good to celebrate it if one has the means, but without spending too much.

Hello from Vololona. I want to thank you because with the education that I received from Masomboly I know more about how to plan my finances and expenses. I am happy because I was able to do my part and repay the first installment of my loan and I have some left over as well. Thank you to all the funders and the Masomboly for your help!

Hello, it is Vololona again. I want to thank you for your confidence in me and for giving me another loan. My honey business is going well and I have sold larger amounts than before since I am buying honey directly from the person who harvests it now. My life has changed for the better since the first loan and I thank you for your generosity and confidence!