• Honey Vendor
  • 53 Years Old
  • 0 Children
  • Single
  • 9 Years of Schooling

My name is Ravololonirina Françoise. I am 53 and have no children. I have been living at Ambohijafy since birth. I am single. I have done my studies until year 3. I sell honey presently. I would like to use this loan for selling hand made stoves. My dream is to succeed in life so that I can grow old happily without being a burden to anyone.

Hello! It's me, Ravololonirina. I have only one child who goes to school but I don't think I will have a problem because I have already prepared for these expenses a while ago. I know that the cost of schooling has gone up a lot this year, and the same for school supplies, despite the effort that the government has made. But the parents must buy these things since the children need them for their school.

Hello! It's me, Ravololonirina. My business continues to go well even though I have changed businesses. Now I sell charcoal stoves. Even though I do not have children I think that during the vacation period, the children spend their time playing or helping their parents with household chores. For Independence Day, I celebrated with my family (my brothers and sisters) because this is the only time that the entire family gets together.

Hello! It's me, Ravololoninna. My business is still going well and I have earned enough profit to enable me to celebrate Independence Day as we should. I wil buy new clothes and shoes and I will also make a good meal for lunch. This will bring a lot of pleasure, but I wil not spend too much.

Hi from Francoise. I want to thank you for your help because I have been able to save enough so that I was able to repay the first monthly installment of the loan and I have some money left over. Thank you for the training as well because it helped me learn more about how to handle my finances. Thank you!

Hello, it is Francoise. I want to thank you for again giving me a chance to expand my business. I am not only selling just honey now, but I have expanded to selling hand-made stoves that are doing very well with the villagers. I am happy because the profit is more than before and I can come closer to realizing my dreams for my family thanks to you!