Chicken Vendor


My name is Razafinirina Marie Sylvia. I am 21. I have 2 sons. They are 11 months and 4 years old. I have been living at Ambohijafy since birth. I am married. I have studied until year 5. Right now I sell poultry. I will continue to use my loan for this poultry business so that I can provide poultry to the hotel here. My dream is to have a better life and that my family lives happily and my children grow with love and that I succeed in life for my 2 kids.


My name is Raharisoloniaina Fanjanirina. I'm 22 and I have 2 sons, they a re 3 and 5 years old. I have lived in Ambohijafy since birth. I am married. I studied until 6 year. I am a poultry vendor presently and I would like to use this loan to enlarge this poultry commerce. My dream is to succeed in life and that my children can study in order to have jobs.