Miarinirina Aina Fideline

  • Trinkets Vendor
  • 28 Years Old
  • 2 Children
  • Married
  • 7 Years of Schooling

I am 28 years old with two little girls. I have lived here in Ambalavao since I was born. I studied up until 7th grade. Right now I sell candy in the market and I would like to use this loan to expand my business. My dream is to build my own house someday for my family.

Update One

"Aina: My house isn't very big since it only has two rooms and a kitchen. We have brick walls, an aluminum roof and dirt floors, although I cover them with carpets. I live here with my husband and two daughters. I have electricity in the house but water we usually get our water from the public water pump and occasionally have to buy it."

Update Two

Hello, it's me, Aina. In my family, it is the children who are sick most often and they usually have the flu or a fever. Ambalvao has a different climate, I think, because there are no more forests because of the brush fires. The season that I like the best is the winter because it is the harvest season. It is hot and it rains a lot right now, but that does not have a bad effect on my business which continues to do well.

Update Three

Hello!  It's Aina.  People say that food is the most important thing to have in order to have energy to work.  Thus we eat three times per day.  For breakfast yesterday, we had rice with peanut butter.  For lunch we always have rice, but this time it was with grilled beef and chopped tomatoes.  Then for dinner we  again had grilled beef and rice, but without the chopped tomatoes.  I am always the one who buys the food and prepares it.  The thing my family likes to eat best is pork with beans.  

Update Four

Hello! It's Aina; I get up at 6 AM to make breakfast and clean up, and also prepare the things to sell because I sell things already cooked; after breakfast I prepare my daughter to go to school, and right after I go down to sell my things at my mom's grocery store until my daughter comes back because i can also cook during that time, in the afternoon I continue to sell. We dine at 7 PM and I go to bed after my baby has fallen asleep. On sunday I go to church, and in the afternoon, I rest.