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Opportunity Solutions International (OSI) has a mission to develop innovative solutions for improving the lives of the poor. Whether policy or community-based, OSI’s programs seek new ways to eliminate health, income and gender inequalities through partnerships with local populations and institutions.

We pursue this mission according to three main principles:

  1. OSI seeks to provide opportunities for the poor to lift themselves up. We facilitate programs that enable people to ensure their own well-being and the well-being of their community. This includes partnering with community organizations to build local capacity and ensure sustainable solutions.
  2. OSI applies tools from economics, public policy and public health to develop solutions that reduce poverty. Our goal is to challenge entrenched assumptions and incentives that perpetuate poverty and use these traditional tools in innovative ways.
  3. OSI’s solutions are designed on an individualized basis and adapted to each culture. Our programs are sensitive to local needs and cultural norms in order to ensure their effectiveness.

Based on these three principles, OSI hopes to become a leader in advocating for and implementing effective solutions that take into account the lived realities of poverty.

OSI is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.




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