Established in 2007, Masomboly provides small-scale loans to women entrepreneurs in Ambalavao, Madagascar. Ambalavao is a town of 30,000 people located in the highlands of Madagascar.

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Masomboly means "seed" in Malagasy. Project Masomboly provides credit to women who otherwise lack collateral and access to loans through the formal banking sector. Since for-profit financial institutions view these women as high risk borrowers, women often resort to local moneylenders who charge exorbitant interest rates.

Pioneered in Bangladesh by Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus, micro-lending to the poor at little to no interest rates has been proven to work: loan repayment rates average over 90% because the poor value this opportunity to gain access to credit.

Project Masomboly offers 50,000 Ariary (about $30) loans to first-time borrowers who complete a simple business proposal drafted with the assistance of local OSI staff. If the loan plus a 10% interest rate is repaid within a six month period, the borrower will then have the opportunity to take out a 100,000 Ariary loan. For example, a loan of 50,000 Ariary is repaid at 55,000 Ariary. In addition, if the woman makes all of her repayments on schedule, we reimburse her the cost of the interest. Every time the borrower pays back her loan, she will gain access to another loan of a higher value.

Plant a seed with Project Masomboly today and watch it bear fruit to the benefit of these women and their families.



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